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Our new website will be launched soon. In the meantime, find out more about iSIMPATHY (Implementing Stimulating Innovation in the Management of Polypharmacy and Adherence Through the Years) below.

Project Launch 5th November 2020 – watch it here

Download iSIMPATHY Launch Event Q&A

What is iSIMPATHY?

iSIMPATHY is a 3-year EU funded project (2019 – 2022) operating in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the border areas of the Republic of Ireland. Through cross-border shared learning, the project will develop a systems approach that is scalable and ensures the optimal and sustainable use of medications for those with multiple morbidity. It will enable eligible patients to live healthy and active lives by supporting both them and clinicians in defining and achieving realistic goals of drug treatment through medicine reviews. The project will train health care professionals, across the three jurisdictions, to deliver 15,000 effective medicine reviews by 29th September 2022.

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Our Partners

Our Partners