Why is this project important?

iSIMPATHY is important because medicine reviews achieve the best outcomes for patients’ health and wellbeing.

Medicine reviews are also cost effective: not only owing to immediate interventions such as medicine optimisation, (which may result in deprescribing) but also because of the downstream effect reviews can have, such as reduced hospital admissions, time in hospital and other primary care and social care settings.

How to get involved and start delivering medicine reviews:

  • Undertake our training via:
    • Our free online training course. Our accredited course - Evidence based Polypharmacy reviews and the 7 step process - is available. The training includes material on optimising and rationalising medicines using the ‘7 steps’ medication review process. The training is available on NHS Education for Scotland here learn.nes.nhs.scot/ If you are outside Scotland go to Resources and under training you will find a guide detailing how to login.
    • A face to face training event. Our next event is on the 23rd November in Ireland. To register interest contact us here
  • Contact us: iSIMPATHY are inviting community and hospital pharmacists, hospital doctors, GPs and other primary care professionals in the target communities to get involved. If you are a healthcare professional within one of the implementation partner organisations, please get in touch to learn more.
  • View our resources page for more about delivering medicines reviews.

Who should I be reviewing?

Medicine reviews for adult patients will be prioritised according to the following categories:

  • Prescribed 5 or more medicines (this will identify those from deprived communities where the average age is lower when taking 5 or more medications).
  • On high-risk medication (as defined by the case finding indicators, regardless of the number of medications taken).
  • Approaching the end of their lives: adults of any age, approaching the end of their life due to any cause, are likely to have different medication needs, and risk versus benefit discussions will often differ from healthy adults with longer expected life spans. Consider frailty score.
  • Aged 50 years and over and resident in a care home, regardless of the number of medicines prescribed.
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The 7-steps approach

The 7-steps approach puts patients at the centre of their care and focuses on what matters to them. Polypharmacy Medicine reviews will ensure that people receive a personalised assessment of their medication and are able to participate in shared prescribing decisions. Reviews are not one off events, but will be held regularly with the patient, to make sure their medicines are the right ones for them at the right time.

Watch an example of a medicines review here:

To learn more about the 7-steps see here:

Healthcare Professionals


Information on iSIMPATHY's Polypharmacy Training


We offer an accredited online training course (3 modules taking around 3 hours total). Download the flyer to find out more.

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How to access the training


How to access the Evidenced Based Polypharmacy Reviews and the 7 Step Process Training. Download this Guide.

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The Polypharmacy: Manage Medicines app

The Scottish Government have developed an app which supports the process of a medicine review. The app has toolkits for healthcare practitioners and patients and carers. Professionals can download both toolkits to support safe and effective care tailored to the needs of individual patients taking multiple medicines.

Download the free app to:

  • Support medicines reviews remotely or in person
  • Put patients’ needs at the centre of the review
  • Get quick and easy access to the national Polypharmacy Guidance:
    • 7-Step process
    • Efficacy data
    • Side effects
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If you’d like to find out more about what we do, please get in touch.

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